Ruthie's Weaving Studio, LLC

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Ruthie's Weaving Studio, LLC

3131 SE 50th Ave.  Portland, OR  97206


Ruthie's Weaving Studio, LLC is conveniently located 3 blocks north of Powell Blvd. on the corner of SE 50th Ave. and SE Kelley. We're also on the #14 bus line, and there's plenty of off-street parking.

Operating Hours 

Ruthies is open on Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am to 8 pm and Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm.



What You'll Find At Ruthie's Studio 

  • Individual instruction for all levels, beginner thru advanced.
  • Large variety of looms to learn on, including a shaft-switching Harrisville rug loom, 4 shaft counterbalance looms, Bergman countermarche looms, 16 shaft J-Comp, and single unit draw loom...and more!
  • All types of equipment available for studio use (raddles, warping boards and mills, different types of shuttles, temples, bobbin winders, swifts, etc.
  • Studio library includes MANY reference books and magazines. Let's face it, it's one of the best weaving libraries anywhere in the Portland area!
  • Yarns available for sale include  8/2 cotton, carpet warp, and others.
  • Loom and weaving advice available- willing to work with you on your own home loom problems and issues.
  • Supportive, friendly atmosphere including weavers with all levels of experience.


Now's the time to give the gift of weaving to your family and friends - the opportunity to try weaving for the first time or the gift of membership for the dedicated weaver... Give us a call for more information and give the gift of weaving today!

Ruthie's Weaving Studio, LLC

3131 SE 50th Ave.

Portland, OR  97206