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Everything You Need For Weaving Is At Ruthie's... 

Why Go To Ruthie's?

  • New to weaving?     New weavers can learn at their own pace on your own schedule, any or all hours that the studio is open.
  • Experienced, but...     Maybe you need specialized help on a specific project...want to learn something new...want to use a special type of loom that you don't have (but we do!), want to study a new weave structure...Historical weaves...Explore color...or just need inspiration...Come to Ruthie's!

 Meet Our Instructors:

Ruthie's has 7 partners/instructors with 100+ years of weaving experience collectively; Ruth Dabritz, Melody Ruth, Sue Walsh, Monica Shanahan, Jane Read, Maggie Patterson, and Jerry Swick. There is always someone to help you whenever you need it, with a wide variety of teaching styles to fit your needs.  

Membership Cost

Members pay a monthly membership (tuition).  Non-members may arrange for consulting on an hourly basis, the charge to be determined by the instructor.  We also have certificates available for gift-giving.  Please call for details.

"What do I get for my monthly membership?"

You have access and use of all available equipment in the studio and individualized instruction at your own pace.   Ruthie's has an incredible library of weaving books that is the most accessible library around. The library includes a full archieve of Handwoven Magazine, Weavers, and other fiber magazines. There are also books on spinning and dyeing. If you are a new weaver, your first project will be kitchen towels. This will teach you to plan a project, read a draft, make a warp, dress the loom, weave your project, and finish it. Your next project is anything you choose to try!

Members also receive a 10% discount on all supplies, including yarns, books and magazines

Pictured Below(from left to right): Our fearless instructors, Melody, Ruth and Sue. Missing are Monica and Jerry- We'll get your pictures soon!


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